College Facility


The Central Library has one of the best collections of information sources in technology, management, science and engineering-related disciplines. The library has a large collection of text reference books and multimedia which is continuously updated with the latest editions. lt subscribes to international periodicals, databases and online journals. The library maintains an intranet website through which students can access online databases, journals and catalogues anywhere in the campus using Wi-Fi connectivity. The library has the subscription of DELNET.

Personality Development

Any amount of knowledge and skill is of little use unless the total personality is groomed. Young scholars are trained to become all rounders by giving them necessary exposure to the art and science of yoga, stress management , public speaking, corporate communication, etc. These courses are further supplemented with creative hobby classes in areas like audio visual presentations, music, dramatics, gym, cultural programmes, paper presentations and interactive sessions.

Computer Centre

The objective of our college has always been to be in the forefront of utilization of IT. Leveraging its power in making learning informative & entertaining for the students. The stateof- the art technology in our computer centre comprises the following.

  • Dual processor IBM XEON server with windows 2000 platform.
  • Dual processor IBM XEON server with SCO-UNIX Operating System with SDK kit.
  • Dual processor HP XEON server with Linux Operating System.

All the above systems have hot swap SCSI hard drive, 800 workstations all Pentium IV or Core 2 Duo, networked in above said environment and are supported by on line UPS systems with backup facility.

Hostel Accommodation

Doon Institute provides comfortable and well-appointed hostel accommodation to students both on-campus and off- campus. Room accommodation is extended on a firstcome- first-serve basis to students. Students can avail hostel rooms either on a single or a shared basis. Our hostels are equipped with:

  • 24 hours electricity and water supply.
  • Green refreshing surroundings to relax.
  • A separate computer center has been established in the Girls Hostel to facilitate late hour working for Girls.
  • First aid facilities and visit of doctors on call.
  • Airy and well furnished rooms.
  • 24 hours security with armed guards during nights.

Health Club

At Doon Institute we strongly believe in healthy living. We provide the facility of a visiting doctor to cater to the healthcare and well-being of the students. A round-the-clock ambulance service is also available for medical emergencies.


Sports and Recreation

A fit mind is an active mind. With its expansive playground, state-of-the-art gymnasium, and the availability of expert gym and yoga instructors, Doon Institute encourages students to participate in various sports and recreational activities apart from their regular academic schedules.