Air Hostess / Flight Stewards Training


We would love to be part of your journey on the road to becoming a cabin crew. As one of the most respected cabin crew training institute in the world we can help make your dream a reality. Prepare yourself for an exciting career and travel the globe, all while training at the Cabin Crew institute. All successful and exciting journeys start with a plan! We encourage everyone to ensure they have the knowledge they need and that's what our expertise provides. Air hostess and flight steward training is specifically designed to provide leading edge knowledge to those who wish to enter the aviation industry.

The DIHM offers the first and most comprehensive initial online Cabin Crew training program. Become a Cabin Crew at our Training School and follow your dreams! Member airlines from around the world require all students to have a certificate of completion from DIHM. If you are serious about becoming a Cabin Crew you can increase your chances of being successful with a certificate from Doon Institute of Hotel Management

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